Timothy I. Smith

SAW Video's Cultural Engineering is a long-term project in which local media artists document and respond both critically and artistically to the Arts Court Redevelopment Project as it unfolds from 2015 – 2017, engaging the community in an open public dialogue and exchange of ideas.


lssue 7

The Arts Court redevelopment has moved well above ground level and the construction is taking place high in the air. The work ’Vertical’ is a reflection on this upward ascent with its use of videography and spatial editing techniques within its vertical grid format.

Issue 6

Site & Sound
The Arts Court redevelopment is well under way and the extension to the building is starting to rise within the pit. The work ’Site & Sound’ is a prolonged view of the site filled with busy construction workers. The video isolates a short duration of time and uses the sound from the construction site to trigger motion within the image. The inescapable noise that engulfs the site is used here to bring the image to life.

Issue 5

The new year marks the beginning of the construction stage of the Arts Court redevelopment. Despite the fact that winter is in full force, the foundation and structure start to take shape. The video ’Scale’ is a 1:45 minute continuous zoom-out, starting on an individual worker and finishing on the construction site as a whole. It brings into view the multitude of tasks both manual and mechanized, small and large, that make up a complex construction project like this redevelopment.

Issue 4

The Pit, November 28th, 2015
The end of November marks the end of the excavation stage of the Arts Court redevelopment. This timelaspe video uses long exposure photography to record the day long process of removing the 50,000 kg (approx.) excavator machines from the construction pit in preparation for the next stage.

Issue 3

Truck Route 95 Southbound, August 7th, 2015
A bird’s eye view along Nicholas Street reveals the initial excavation stage of the Arts Court redevelopment site. This view also captures the flow of everyday traffic. A temporal effect is used on the southbound traffic to highlight the fact that a designated full-load trucking route runs adjacent to the site.

Issue 2

Moving Gaze, Arts Court, March, 2015
This work utilizes a process of creating still images through the use of video and camera movement. It is used here to look at the Arts Court in the context of its surrounding environment.

Issue 1

Daly Avenue And Nicholas Street, November 27th, 2014
This work traces the pedestrian flow around the Arts Court building dictated by the urban environment and motor vehicle traffic.